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Wager it is…

Today, any online casino provides a huge variety of bonuses to attract and support gamblers’ excitement. They are designed to increase the starting capital of the game.

What is a wager?

Each specific resource offers individual favorable conditions. However, in almost all cases, bonuses are real funds credited to the user’s account for the game. Wager comes from the English word “wager” and translates as “bet”. This is the name of the main bonus condition, the fulfillment of which is mandatory for withdrawing money from the account.

The essence of this requirement is as follows. In order for a player to be able to withdraw bonus funds from his account, he needs to make the number of bets specified in the casino rules. Wager is the minimum total amount of these bets.

In almost all online casinos, a player needs to meet the wagering requirements to withdraw money. The minimum amount differs depending on the resource, and is indicated in the rules of any promotion. As a rule, the game itself contains additional data indicating the conditions for bets.

The wager is indicated as “x” and looks like a certain coefficient. For example, x10 is indicated in the conditions. This means that the amount of funds received must be wagered 10 times, after which it will be possible to withdraw money from your personal account.

Let’s say a player made a $ 100 deposit and the casino gave him an extra $ 100 gift. If the odds are x10, it means that the minimum total bet amount must be $ 1,000. And only after that the player will be able to cash out the money.

In various online casinos, not all games offer an opportunity to wager the bonus. Bets in card games, roulette, etc. may not be taken into account, or only partially accepted. Information on the availability of restrictions can be found on the website, or by contacting the support service.

Why do casinos use a wager?

The main purpose of using a casino wager is to retain players and fuel their excitement. The bonus money is in the account and can be withdrawn after the necessary conditions are met. Therefore, the user has an excellent incentive to make further bets until the amount required for withdrawal is reached.

Features and types of wagering

Many online casinos specially develop wagering conditions so that the player can get acquainted with the whole variety of games presented on the site. In the rules you can find out which games bets are taken into account partially or do not matter at all. The fewer additional conditions exist, the more chances a player has to win back and withdraw bonus funds.

For those who prefer virtual slot machines, the most important criterion is the wager multiplier. A smaller value increases the player’s chances, especially if the first bet was successful and activated the free bonus program. Online casinos use several main types of bonuses:

money is withdrawn after wagering and meeting all requirements;
funds used exclusively in the course of the game - the bonus is automatically credited to the account. Requirements are also present, but bonuses cannot be withdrawn. They can also be used regardless of the main account. When withdrawing, such a bonus may simply expire.

Thus, the wager prevents funds from being withdrawn from the account until all the necessary conditions are met. It can apply to deposit and no deposit bonuses. An example is the x10 coefficient:

registration - the player is required to place bets for a total amount that is 10 times the amount received;
deposit - can be calculated in the same way, or by the aggregate of funds received and deposited by the player. After receiving 10 bonus dollars and depositing 10 more, the minimum wagering requirement for withdrawal is 100 dollars.

There is no single coefficient standard. Different online casinos offer customers different conditions. Therefore, before depositing real funds, you should carefully read the withdrawal rules. The player can independently cancel any automatically received gift by contacting the support service before making a deposit.

Posted by ClaraMar