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Secrets of slots

Questions about the secrets of slot machines or how to win money on them excite the minds of mankind from the very moment of the creation of their first mechanical prototype – the legendary bandit called the “Liberty Bell”. Since then, finding a way that would make it possible to constantly win at slot machines has been the cherished dream of every person who is not indifferent to gambling.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of their unrealizable desires, many overly carried away gamblers forget that it is the unpredictability of the result that is the fundamental principle of any gambling. And it is the risk of losing the bet, combined with the hope of winning and the factor of chance, that creates that unique atmosphere of excitement that attracts more and more people to the casino every day.

False ways to win at the casino

And scammers often profit from this dream of a guaranteed win, which has become simply incredible with the development of the online casino industry. Earlier, in the era of the proliferation of iron one-armed bandits, special “keys” were widespread, allowing them to allegedly reprogram or simply “cheat” a slot machine.

However, not only were these “keys” themselves ineffective, the player who wished to win in such a dishonest way ended up rather deplorable – up to a complete ban on visiting gambling halls and bringing them to justice for fraud. Not to mention the fact that manually hacking a mechanical automaton in a hall full of people is quite problematic.

Hacking slot machines

Today, the number of those wishing to discover the “secrets of slots”, of course, for a lot of money, has increased to simply incredible proportions. Hacking of slot machines is especially common – scammers sell special programs through the network that guarantee a win, in an exaggerated way, on any machine in an online casino.

However, if you think a little, it becomes clear that this is 100% cheating. After all, every reliable virtual gambling club has its own security service, and the most modern protective mechanisms are used, so any attempt at unauthorized interference will be nipped in the bud.

In addition, the random number generator, which is responsible for the unpredictability and honesty of the slot results, to which all gaming algorithms are subordinated, is reliably protected by the provider even at the stage of developing the program code by a cryptographic MD5 mechanism (of course, we are talking exclusively about original licensed gambling products), which prevents root any possibility of outside interference in its work.

Secrets of slot machines

Another common way to deceive gullible gamblers is the secrets of online slots, based on the use of various flaws and bugs in the software. For example, such “professionals” can recommend catching the bonus game in the Monkey slot, and pulling the ropes in a certain sequence – 1-3-4, etc. And in this case, they promise to break the maximum payoff of the game.

Or it is advised to play Books on 7 lines, at a bet of 3 credits – and this should ensure winnings on each spin, etc. Perhaps, once, at the dawn of online gambling, such methods worked. However, technological progress does not stand still – and video slot machines continue to improve with it. And all software errors are eliminated by the provider almost immediately upon detection. Therefore, if someone managed to use such a bug to get a win, then after a certain time it will be completely ineffective.

Posted by ClaraMar