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The first mention of this entertainment dates back to the 16th century, when elections to the council were held in Genoa by drawing balls with numbers. Later, it spread throughout Europe, but in its modern version gained great popularity in the United States at the beginning of the last century. At city fairs, Italians played bingo, filling out number cards using beans. The winner should have shouted “Bean Go!” – hence the current name of the game.

The bankrupt entrepreneur Edwin Lowe, with the help of a mathematician friend, set up the production of cards with non-repeating numbers, thereby initiating the active development of bingo.


First, each participant chooses one or more cards with non-repeating numbers. To determine the dropped numbers, a lottery drum or a bag with barrels is used. The presenter, one by one, takes out balls or barrels and announces the drawn number, which the lottery participants must find on their tickets and cross out. When a player fills in a certain shape on the coupon or crosses out all the required numbers, he shouts out “Bingo!”. After checking the coupon, the winner receives the prize.


There are several main varieties of this lottery:

Bingo 90 (British version);
Bingo-75 (American version);
Russian lotto.

In the British version, a lottery drum and balls with denominations from 1 to 90 are used. The betting coupon consists of three lines of nine cells, on which fifteen non-repeating numbers, five in each line, are indicated. The drawing is held in three stages. First, the winner is the one who completely filled in any row, the second is the one who crossed out all the numbers in two rows. The main prize goes to the one who has no numbers left on the card. If several participants have the required combination at the same time, they will split the prize equally.

The American version uses 75 balls. The game coupons are 5×5 squares, the central of which is empty. As a rule, letters B I N G O are placed above each column. Balls with a number and a letter are dropped from the lottery drum in turn, and the participants in the lottery cross out the matching numbers. Another difference between the American version is that the first person to paint a certain figure on the card gets the prize.

The 80-ball version is more commonly used in online casinos. Game tickets consist of 16 numbers arranged in a 4×4 square. For convenience, each column is highlighted in a different color. The scheme for determining the winner is similar to the American version. The winner is the one who closes all the numbers before the others according to the regulations. It can be a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or a figure pre-selected by the organizers.

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