Your Panini Press Can Make More Than Just Paninis

Thank the Earl of Sandwich for sandwiches and thank the Italians for the panini. Thank technology too for the panini press, which has made panini a dish that can be made in any kitchen anywhere.

That said, for something that is still relatively a luxury, it’s important to get the research done in order to make the best purchase, a purchase that is perfectly suited for your need. And believe it when it is said that there is a huge range of options for anyone interested in a panini press.

If you’re going for a budget model, perhaps you’ll want to skip the presses with multi-functional cooking. Those models, like high-end microwave ovens, allow for grilling of vegetables and meat, with the two faces of the press acting as grill plates. The lower end models offer simpler features, but there’s something to please¬†everybody!

Panini presses are quite versatile though, and it’s a shame that more people don’t know of it – perhaps more people would consider it a worthwhile investment. The focus of this article will be on how you can use your panini press in different, often creative, ways. Panini Perfect provides many suggestions on how to get the most out of your press. So let’s get started!

Sizzle Bacon

If your press supports a full griddle mode, where you can open the panini to form a flat double-sided cooking surface, you’ve practically got a restaurant at your fingertips! In this way, you can whip up a quick breakfast by using it to cook bacon, hash browns, toast and even eggs!


Continuing with the breakfast theme, you can use the press to make a sunday special waffle. Pour the batter onto the grill side and let it cook. That’s all there is.

Cook Eggs

Eggs are ideal for cooking on a press and they can be cooked in either full griddle or full grill mode. It’s easiest to cook omelettes and sunny side-ups with the press.

Reheat Food

Who can question the value of being able to reheat your food? You may not use the panini press to heat your food very often, but it comes in handy, if your microwave conks out or your gas connection isn’t working.

While the idea of getting a panini press might seem like a luxury, it isn’t if you can squeeze it for all it’s worth. If you like the idea of being able to make paninis, and being able to use it for other purposes, then this is well worth a buy,