Why you need basic inversion tables

Inversion tables are made in such a way that they can make use of gravity which is essential when it comes to relieving pressure on your spine. The pressure is due to the spine being compressed with time. The inversion table uses the theory whereby if you hang upside down or you hang at a particular angle whereby the head will be lower than the feet it will lead to decompressing of your spine and this relieves pressure on the spine and also relieves pain. However, you need to know that if you have conditions such as heart disease, glaucoma and hypertension it can be risky to use inversion tables and that is why you should consult with your physician. You can also visit https://freeyourspine.info/best-inversion-tables/ for more information.

Doing away with general back pain

Also, an inversion table will be essential in relieve of back pain as it will provide a full stretch of the spine. It works by reversing the gravity that lead to the compression of the spine since this compression may cause pinching of nerves. If you hang upside down, it is like use of spinal traction whereby you make use of the body to stretch the spine and this is essential as it reduces the pressure on the spine.

It will relieve pressure on the joints

If you are going for work outs, your joints may experience some pressure and you may experience this if you are doing workouts that have high impacts. The process of inversion can be helpful when it comes to stretching and elongation of muscles and this leads to relieve of stress and strain. Also, if you have some minor misalignment the inversion can also be helpful.

Helping Lymph System

The upside down hanging is essential as it can help in flushing some of the wastes that are found in the lymphatic system. Remember that the system has waste that travels in one direction and that is why hanging upside down is essential when it comes to clearing out of lactic acid as well as other wastes that may lead to pain.

Can help you maintain weight

The average person shrinks after waking up to the time of going to bed and this shrinking is caused by the compression of the spine as a result of gravity. The best part is that you can avoid this shrinking and reverse the process by use of inversion table to stretch the spine.