Why You Are Not Yet Famous On Instagram

Can a day end without you visiting various social media platforms? If the answer is no, do not worry because you are not alone. Research indicates that an average person spends at least two hours in a day browsing various social media platforms. Multiply that by 7 and see the number of hours you spend every week on social media alone. The big question is whether you are benefiting in any way from these social media platforms. If you are using social media to grow your brand, then your hours are not going to waste. But let us face it, not everyone’s efforts are paying off on Instagram. The following are some of the barriers to your success.

    1. Your content is not attractive

There is a lot of crap content spread all over the internet and that is not what potential customers are looking for. Potential customers and followers are looking for content that offers solutions to the problems that they face on a daily basis. Copied content will always be a put off too many Instagram users as they are looking for authentic people. You can also watermark your graphics to protect them from unauthorized use. Make sure that you proofread your content before you make it live.

    1. You are not consistent

All of those you see with a high number of followers and high engagement levels have posting schedules. You have to come up with a strategy that not only indicates what to post but also when to do it. Make sure that your followers have something to look forward to on a regular basis. You can post once in a day or even twice depend on your needs. There are some who post several times in a week and still have huge followings and engagement levels are always awesome.

    1. Your profile has some gaps

People are very sensitive to the types of businesses that they interact with. Most Instagram followers want a business owner who they can relate to and understand them at a personal level. Your name and the information in your bio should indicate who you are and what you do. Your profile picture should be clear and show all the fine details that people are looking for. At fredharrington.com, you can check some cool tips on how to make your profile attractive. People are always attracted to where there are high activity levels and your profile completeness plays a huge part.