Uses of a Stethoscope

A stethoscope is an instrument that is used by doctors, nurses and other health practitioners to check and appraise their patient. A stethoscope can be used to check the different part of the body like the organs and for blood pressure measurement. However, many people think a stethoscope can only be used to examine the lung and the heart, but reading this article will orientate you about the full uses of a stethoscope and other parts of the body it can be used. Therefore, let’s look at the uses of the stethoscope.

Digestive system Examination

A stethoscope can be used to check for digestion problems. Since a stethoscope is designed to detect sounds, it will be able to detect sounds that cannot be heard by the ear and that may lead to a clue. For example, when a stethoscope cannot sense sound it means some part of your intestine is blocked but when the sounds that the stethoscope pick is loud, that is a clue that you may be sick or having an infection.

For checking Blood Pressure level

A stethoscope can be used to check for blood pressure level. You may have noticed that when you go for blood pressure check, nurses put a cuff on your arm and use their stethoscope to take the measurement. Are you wondering what it means? It is used to reading the patient heartbeat and to listen to the amount of blood running through your veins. However, without using a stethoscope these beats cannot be heard with ordinary ears.


A stethoscope can be used by an obstetrician (doctors that deal with pregnancy and women delivery) to listen to both the pregnant mother and the unborn baby’s heartbeat. With this, he/she can easily detect the health and the movement of the baby. The type of stethoscope used for this s called the Fetal Stethoscope. Therefore, with a stethoscope, a doctor can detect when a baby is not doing well in the womb. To know more about the type of stethoscope that is used for this you can visit Stethoscope Lab.

Heart Checkup

A stethoscope can be used for checking uneven heartbeats. The medical personnel has been trained on how to use a stethoscope to detect the condition of your heart. When they use a stethoscope on your heart, they can use it to get information about your heart like when there are an uneven heartbeat and other sounds. This can give them clue on what might be the cause of your heart problem.

These are some of the uses of a stethoscope.