The benefits of Continuous Ink Jet printers

As almost every product has a package, coding and marking are used in a variety of industrial sectors in order to help copyright a product or to enable the product meet legal requirements. It is important and without it, negative implications would occur resulting in economic, legal and health consequences thus making it a competitive industry.

There are a variety of ink and printers used to mark and code these products. CIJ is one of the oldest inkjet technologies and is still used today on a large scale by companies relying on this technology. It is favored for its reliability, speed and flexibility among other reasons allowing this system to print codes at high speeds, in multiple orientations, and onto almost any surface. Let’s look at the process of this system before looking at the benefits in more detail.

How does it work?

The process involves the printer pumping a continuous stream of high-pressure ink through a nozzle that creates a continuous stream of uniformed droplets. The droplets are electrically charged and are deflected onto the substrate. Any ink droplets that are not deflected are circulated for reuse.

The ink droplets high velocity allows a greater distance between the print head and substrate making it a non-contact process, unlike other industrial printers that contact processes. 

A versatile choice


Can be used to mark or code any material such as metal glass wood plastic paper is ideal for marking almost any substrate.

Can print date codes logos and barcodes on a variety of packaging materials and can be used on curved surfaces in multiple shapes and sizes.

It is a high-speed process that can be operated from any position


This printing system allows the ink to drop at high velocity from any orientation onto a moving substrate to achieve fast printing.

The machines do not require regular maintenance


These printing systems can operate for thousands of hours without the need for maintenance service. As a result, this lowers operational costs. Also because this printing method is a continuous process the heads rarely clog. These reasons make this system a reliable choice for companies allowing printing in high-pressure production environments.

The ink can dry quickly


These industrial printers can utilize a variety of solvent-based inks and as a result, have fast drying times. Therefore these printing systems are ideal for fast moving production lines.

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