Plate Carriers – An Effective Protection Gear

Soldiers on missions and the police on duty face various threats and danger, thus proper measures must be taken in order to reduce the effect of these dangers or threats. One the simple ways is to make use of the plate carriers.  Plate carriers help to stop the bullet from penetrating in the body as well as allow the soldiers to carry minimum supplies with them. There are various things that you need to consider while purchasing the plate carriers such as type of plate carrier, material of plate carrier, special features of plate carrier etc.

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Opt for minimalist designs

If you are stepping forward to purchase a plate carrier then you must opt for a plate carrier that is having a minimum number of pockets. This will allow you to restrict the load that you will carry with you. Hence, you will only carry the essential supplies and will be able to walk efficiently. Remember that carrying a heavy load will restrict you to walk or run at your maximum speed. Thus, by opting for minimalistic design you will not be able to carry the additional stuff which will increase the load. Light weight plate carriers with minimalistic designs are one of the best combinations.

Opt for adjustable plate carrier

If you are purchasing a plate carrier then you must ensure that they are fully adjustable to not hug the wearer quite tight as this will make him feel heavy and uncomfortable. On the other hand if the plate carrier is loose, then it will interfere while walking or running. Thus, opt for the plate carrier which offers a fully adjustable design, so that the wearer can stay in his/her comfortable zone. In addition to this, ensure that the plate carriers offer for proper hydration, so that you may easily wear it even in hot summers.

Hydration carriers need of the hour

Hydration plate carriers are one of the best plate carriers available these days. These types of plate carriers have a hydration system built in i, which allows you to have access to water as and when you want. Many times soldiers do not have access to water for several hours and these plate carries help them to consume water as per their need. Many of the hydration plate carriers have a pipe for drinking water, thus you are not required to spend time in taking out bottle and opening it.