How to Double Your Instagram Following Quickly

Numbers indicate that Instagram boasts an incredible 4.21% per follower engagement ratio. Now, that’s up to 58 times more per for follower in comparison to Facebook and 120 times than Twitter. It is not surprising therefore that everyone wants to grow their following. That said, here’s how to get the numbers behind you, fast.

Follow, Follow, then Follow Some More

At times all it takes is to increase your Instagram followers is the rate at which your follow others. Doing so quickly boosts your presence and gets you noticed by potential followers. Following other manually though, is tiring and time-consuming. Consider using a paid service to help you with your growth on Instagram if you want to get the results quickly. One such service is River. You can read more about River at Spire and discover why it is arguably the number one Instagram growth service on the market.

Use Hashtags Cleverly

You need to learn the art of using your hashtags strategically to direct potential followers to your content. Thus, add thoughtful hashtags to your feed to draw the attention of the audience that is looking for your type of material. Apply of a combination of hashtags without imitating others. Also, don’t forget to save your hashtags for the first comment instead of adding them to your location.

Create Compelling Visual Presence

This one is a no-brainer. People will follow you depending on what they see. Therefore, make sure that you post captivating photos to make a potential follower want to find what you are all about. Ensure that your photos remain consistent in coloring and content as well as composition. That way, your target audience will get an idea of what to expect and determine whether or not you are a brand worth following.

The Bottom Line

While your success on Instagram depends on several factors, the number of followers you have is integral. In fact, you should make your number one priority to get as many followers as you can. When you finally start to gain traction, work on maintaining a good engagement level to grow your following organically. On top of that, take your time to develop first-class content that your audience will fall in love with over and over again. And, once word starts to spread about your brand and what it has to has to offer, people will begin to follow you in their droves.