Get Your Teeth Cleaned By The Professionals And Avoid Gum Infection

Gum infections are quite common these days as people do not take proper care of their teeth. Gum infection can lead to various other dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis etc. One can easily reduce the risk of getting gum infection by properly brushing the teeth two times in a day as well as by visiting the doctor for regular check up.  It is to be noted that plaque is one of the major reasons behind gum diseases and hence it is advised to keep your teeth clean. Various dentists offer for regular check up of the teeth, thus you can visit one of them in order to ensure the health of your teeth. You can click here for Marylebone based practice,

Know the signs of gum infections

Slowly and gradually gum infection leads to various other dental problems. Thus, by getting proper treatment at the early stage you can control the occurrence of gingivitis, periodontitis and various other periodontal diseases. Bleeding of gums while or after brushing, swelling in gums, consistent bad breath, creation of pockets in between your gums and the teeth are few of the early signs of gum infection. If it is not controlled at an early stage, then the infection can destroy the supporting structure of your teeth.

Gum disease and their relation with other diseases

Gum diseases not only lead to periodontal disease but they also increase the risk of various other diseases. Some of the diseases which are related with gum infection are listed below –

  • Premature birth – gum disease can also result in premature birth. If during pregnancy a woman is having a gum disease, then chances of premature birth increases. It is probably that the infant may have a low birth weight.
  • Stroke – risk of clogging of the arteries is quite common with the gum infection or gum diseases. With the increase in the risk of clogging of arteries the risk of strokes also increase to a great extent.
  • Respiratory disease – gum diseases mainly occur as a result of the bacterial infection. These bacteria’s many a times also lead to lung infection or if you are already having any lung infection you may experience the worsening of the condition.
  • Diabetes – controlling blood sugar is quite hard for the patient of diabetes and this task becomes harder when patient is having gum infection or gum diseases.

In addition to the diseases listed above, there are various other issues that you may face as a result of

Gum disease or infection. Thus, it is advisable to properly brush your teeth in order to remove the

Plaque. If the plaque is not removed at an early stage then it may turn in tartar which is quite hard to remove.