Different Types Of Drill Bits Available In The Market

The daily chores of drilling can get difficult when there are walls and hard materials in which a person has to drill. To make it easier and to penetrate with ease there are many things which play a critical role such as the drill bit. The quality of the drill bit and the power of the drill machine used can help you in easy drilling in the walls and other hard materials. A drill machine which is capable of drilling cement walls won’t necessarily be able to drill concrete. So, be very precise in making the right choice for the selection of the drill bits. You can know about the different types of drill bits at Drill Bit Best.

Pen driller – a small pen sized driller is present in the market which allows you to drill small holes and it is very easy to carry. The use of pen drillers is used in workplaces and a place where small holes to hang something are required. This driller can only be used for small work purpose.

The most common coatings which are present over the drill bits are mentioned below. These coatings help in increasing the life of the drill bits making them drill better-

Titanium coated drill bits – The drilling process involves patience and in order to make sure that the drill bit sticks to the shelf for a longer period of time, all you have to do is buy a titanium coated drill bit. One needs to be investing a good amount of money but, only once because titanium polished drillers are rock solid and they don’t give up this easily.

Black oxide coating bits

Considered to be the best in terms of money being invested and the uses, this coating is appreciated by drillers across the globe. The coating helps in corrosion protection and increases the stress relieving of the bit. It also helps in drilling steel and iron materials but, fails to drill aluminum and magnesium.

Bronze oxide

It is the second most popular form of coating after black oxide; this coating is also used by drillers across the globe. It helps in increasing the tampering and hardness of the bit so, it retains for a longer period of time. It has other qualities such as drilling in steel is faster with a bronze oxide coating.

Apart from these, you can also find the drill bits that are designed for drilling in specific materials like brad point bits are good for drilling in wood and metal bits that are considered as the best for metals.