Common Instagram Errors

Have you ever seen that Instagram account that speaks directly to your soul?  Amazing photos that seem to flow perfectly with a theme? And based on the high engagement rates on each photo, you can easily see why these followers love such an account.

If you have such an account, you are looking at a high level of engagement that gives you what you need in terms of exposure. But one of the things that you never expect is an error that tells you that Instagram has crashed. When this app crashes, you might not be able to perform the tasks the way you need to, which takes your engagement levels a notch lower.

Today we look at the common errors that you will experience when using Instagram, and how to handle them the right way.

Unable to Post Photos

You might run into a problem when posting photos to Instagram. When this happens, you need to check whether other apps can get online. If you can access other sites and apps, then you need to try uploading from other Instagram accounts. If you can post from other accounts, then try uploading from the PC version of Instagram and see whether it works.

If the app crashes anytime you try to upload a photo; then you can restart the phone to see if it solves the issue. If everything else fails, then you can try the solutions offered on

Login Problems

Another big issue is when you fail to log into the account. If you get this error, try retyping the username and password and try logging in again. If the problem persists, you can try and reset the password as long as you have the right email account attached to it.

Unable to Tag Friends in Yoru Posts

There are various tagging problems that you will come across. They include failure to tag friends in your photos, or being able to tag the friends but unable to see the friends after tagging; then you have an issue with the tagging feature.

When this happens, you need to restart the application and try to tag the friends afresh.

Cannot Comment on Accounts

Other issues arise with commenting on other accounts. This might be an issue with spamming because Instagram is cracking down on spammers. If your profile is spammy and you are continuously tagging people in your posts, then Instagram might block this feature.

When this happens, you need to use the app as a normal feature. This means taking time to only comment on popular posts and restricting the comments to what Instagram requires.

In Closing

Instagram errors are frustrating and make it hard to achieve your marketing targets. Make sure you know how to handle the error so that you can continue with your marketing efforts.