5 situations when you can use all potential of the meat grinder

It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without various assisting devices. The manual meat grinder was among them before an electric boom. But time is relentless and those cult tools were replaced with professional devices like the STX meat grinder. I am sure that you can’t argue with this fact. Such devices not only save energies and time of its owners but also have become the same irreplaceable tools on home cuisine as a good knife of the chef. In order to prove this fact I have found 3 recipes for various dishes, which preparation was difficult in times and could bore you before. But now it has become hardly the hobby in the kitchen.

1) Without going far, it is possible to call straight off a dish, which will appear on your table more often thanks to the uncompromising convenience of the electric meat grinder. Of course, it is juicy meat cutlets, which can be cooked by you. When doing this, you shall be absolutely sure of freshness and structure of the made forcemeat. The dish is perfectly combined with mashed potatoes, rice, or with fresh vegetable salad.

Preparation steps:

1. Wash meat, clean onion, and garlic. Wet bread in milk.
2. Pass meat, onions, garlic and bread via the STX meat grinder with the use of a lattice for forcemeat with average openings (5 mm).
3. Mix the received weight with pepper, salt and eggs slightly beat off, lifting and overturning it in a plate within 2 minutes. Create 4 cutlets.
4. Warm a frying pan within 2 minutes, add oil and lay out cutlets.
5. Fry cutlets from each side for 10-13 minutes until golden brown.
6. After termination of preparation spread out cutlets on plates and serve.

2) Besides cutlets are perfect as a part of other dishes. For example, of various burgers. However, it will be necessary to alter the structure and the consistence of forcemeat. The last issue is easily solved by changing of a lattice of the meat grinder. Small lattice makes forcemeat more gentle, and large, on the contrary, make it more granularly.

1. Process the beef via the meat grinder STX, controlling the degree of fat content of forcemeat.
2. Make eight cutlets with a diameter of 10 cm and 1,5-2 cm thick.
3. Warm up a grill to the medium-to-high temperature and fry cutlets 4 minutes on each side. When frying add cheese from above.
4. Put cutlets in burgers, add vegetables, bacon, and cheese. Pour from above with top ping.
3) You should not limit the meat grinder by only processing of products. There are a set of special nozzles, directed for this purposes. If you will pay attention to them you would be able to make a kebab with various stuffing, for example, of vegetables.

1. Process meat and onions via the small lattice and then add salt and pepper the received mix. Send everything to the freezer for forcemeat becomes “grabbed”.

2. Process all remained vegetables. Then fry in the frying pan and cool down to room temperature.
3. By means of a special nozzle of the meat grinder (at the STX3000-tf model, such goes in a set) create meat preparations for a kebab. Then fill them with a stuffing of vegetables and close the open side, having squeezed forcemeat.